Kayak Paddle (2-Piece)

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This two-piece paddle can be separated into two parts for easy storage and convenience. The shaft is aluminium with polypropylene blades and features an asymmetrical curved blade design to provide an efficient paddle stroke.

The angle of the blades can be adjusted between 3 shaft positions to suit your paddling preference.

This paddle is available in various colour choices to match your kayak! 



  • Asymmetrical curved blade design to provide an efficient paddle stroke.
  • Grip indicators
  • 2-piece shaft design enabling quick assemble and disassemble and allows for compact storage and easy transporting.
  • 3 shaft rotational positions allowing you to adjust your paddling angle and orientation.
  • Symmetric slightly spooned blades - the edge enables you to add water without it flowing back off.
  • Drip rings which keeps excess water from running down the paddle shaft to your hands or lap allowing you to stay dry.



  • Weight: 970g
  • Length: 217cm
  • Shaft material: white aluminium dipped alloy, 29mm diameter
  • Blade material: strong polypropylene plastic
  • Colour: (See above available colours)