RAPID Single Sit-in Sea Kayak

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The Rapid is a professional single seater journey kayak. Designed to move quickly through the water with maximum stability due to its hull design. The seats provide leg support and a comfortable paddling position. 


Harry's Verdict:

The Rapid sit-in Sea Kayak from Harry’s Yaks is an impressive craft for fast and efficient paddling. Designed to move quickly through the water while also offering maximum stability due to its flat-bottomed hull design.

Our first impressions of this kayak in the water is its smoothness and almost effortless paddling to speed up. It is easily the fastest and most efficient kayak we have. The seat provides good leg support and a comfortable paddling position. 

Compared to other sit-in touring kayaks on the market, the Rapid is considered stable, however not quite as stable as our other sit-in smaller kayak – the SWIFT. If comparing to the kayaks in our sit-on-top range, the Rapid is not as stable from the left and right rolling point of view.

The Rapid is mostly considered a sea kayak, but is also suitable for river or lake use.

(See below for demonstration video by Harry's Yaks)


Colours Available:

See colour choices above.


  • 2 x large oval hatches with rubber lid for dry storage.
  • Bow and stern carry handles.
  • Built in plastic seat.
  • UV resistant bungee cords on the hull to secure items.
  • Adjustable foot rests.
  • Rudder system with foot controls.
  • Drain plug and scupper plugs.
  • Paddle park/paddle keeper.
  • HDPE kayak grade plastic.


Standard Inclusions:

  • 1 x Paddle (2-piece)
  • Built in plastic padded seat.
  • 2 Year Warranty against structural faults & fading.


Optional Extras:

  • Spray deck
  • Personal Floatation Device
  • Foldable Trolley



  • Capacity:  150kg
  • Length:  510cm
  • Width:  66cm
  • Height:  45cm
  • Gross Weight: 39kg


Demonstration Video of the RAPID Sit-In Sea Kayak: