SWIFT Sit-in Touring Kayak

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Stable, spacious and reliable the SWIFT is a great kayak for exploring and recreational paddling. Perfect for calm lakes, estuaries and slow moving rivers, yet stable and quick enough to handle the sea. 

With a stable hull, large cockpit for easy access, perfect seating position and plenty of room for your picnic, it oozes comfort! Its lightweight design makes it easy to lift up onto roof racks and head to the water for some fun!


Colours Available:

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  • 1 x round 8 inch hatch with lid at front for dry storage.
  • 1 x large oval hatch with lid at rear for dry storage.
  • Bow and stern carry handles.
  • Built in plastic padded seat with padded backrest.
  • UV resistant bungee cords on the hull to secure items.
  • Adjustable foot rests.
  • Molded-in area & holes to mount external fishing rod holder.
  • Molded-in areas to insert 2 x internal fishing rod holders.
  • Rudder system with foot controls.
  • Running rig to attach kayak to other fixed objects.
  • HDPE kayak grade plastic.


Standard Inclusions:

  • 1 x Paddle (2-piece)
  • Rudder system and foot rests
  • Plastic padded seat
  • 2 Year Warranty against structural faults & fading.


Optional Extras:

  • Spray deck
  • Personal Floatation Device
  • Foldable Trolley


  • Capacity:  150kg
  • Length:  330cm
  • Width:  67cm
  • Height:  27cm
  • Gross Weight:  26kg
Demonstration Videos

Demonstration Videos: